Zombie Solitaire


Play cards to escape the zombie apocalypse


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Zombies have invaded the city and, with only the help of your father's old map, you have to escape the hordes of living dead.

Using the map as your guide, you'll only be able to run away if you can play the right hands.

Zombie Solitaire combines strategy, speed, and intelligence in a game where you need to know how to play your trump cards in order to keep the zombies from attacking.

You'll have a deck of zombie cards that will take out the approaching zombies only if you have a straight in ascending or descending order.

Getting more points will help you get bonus cards, which will take out the zombie hoards even more quickly.

Face off against zombies in your house, in the street, and in the park as you go through more than 100 levels and try to make it to the desert island alive.
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